The Needs

Competitive dance has its own set of needs. This is not social dancing, though it is somewhat like doing showcase demonstrations. If the studio you learn at does showcases you may understand what that means. If not, basically competition and showcase demonstrations are like being on stage. You wear fancier outfits, different makeup, blingy accessories, and wear dance shoes not street shoes. And for competitive dancing you often have to travelĀ  and bring all this with you.

So what do you need?

You need different clothes. No social dance dresses here. These are specialty competitive dresses. Take a look at this page for more information of where and how to obtain outfits.

Makeup is different here. This makeup is not what you would wear on a day to day basis. This is not your evening makeup either. This is far more stage makeup. This is false eyelashes, maybe two pairs if needed, and more makeup that you probably usually wear. At competitions some people do their own makeup, some pay to have it applied. The same goes for hair.

Sparkles are a way of life on the competitive circuit. Some wear it in their hair, some use glimmer lotion on their legs for sparkle, and of course your gown sparkles. Some competitors even have sparkles on their shoes. What do I mean by sparkles? Well it can be anything from rhinestones, to glitter. Anything that sparkles and catches the lights.

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