Your first competition

So you’ve been dancing, your instructor/partner and you have decided to compete. You’ve chosen the competition, paid your fees, decided where you’ll stay and how you’ll get to the competition? Now other things you need to make sure of:

  • Do you have your outfit? Ladies: have earrings, necklace, jewelry? Men: have pocket square, tie, belt, or other accessories?
  • Do you know how to do your own makeup and hair? If not, what are your plans to get them done?
  • Have you got a pair of dance shoes other than your practice shoes? Something you want to compete in?

When you think about an outfit to wear (this goes for men and women) try to do at least one test dance in your outfit. You want to make sure its comfortable, stays put while you dance, isn’t too long, and it works for you. You don’t want a skirt nor pants leg begin stepped on while dancing. Who wants to trip on the dance floor? Does your outfit fit you? Does it stay on, not too loose, not too tight. Does your outfit need any accessories? If you are wondering what kind of accessories you might need take a look at competitions online. You will find lots of videos on YouTube. If you check out Pinterest don’t just look at dresses on mannequins. You want to look for images of dancers while dancing. Those images will give you more information that just outfits on mannequins.

But study those images, don’t just glance at them. What do dancers wear with what kind of outfits?

What about hair and makeup? Men, you don’t tend to see men’s hair flopping around in their eyes when their heads turn while dancing. They wear it controlled, not as loose and flowing as you may think. Some men wear makeup (maybe foundation or eye liner).

Women this is a whole discussion all on its own.

If you wear practice shoes during your lessons those may not be what you want to compete in. Even if you wear non-practice shoes during lessons, if your shoes are beat up, soiled, ratty looking these may not be the shoes you want to wear during competition.

Remember, judges are looking at the whole package. It is more than just your dancing. You need to look like you belong out there. So your dress needs to fit, your outfit needs to fit, your shoes need to look nice, and your hair and makeup/face need to look like they all work together.

Now some people tan before competition. This may be via sun, spray, bottle, or other tanners. This can be especially true when they are dancing Latin or rhythm. My opinion is to go with what you are comfortable with. Where it can look fabulous being tan, it can look strange if you forget to tan certain areas. In other words, men if your shirt has a deep plunge in the front, don’t forget to tan that area too. Tanned palms look weird too. I have seen some people who are fair yet don’t tan. That’s an option too.