About Me

I learned to dance quite a few years ago. I did not dance as a child, so learning as an adult was a new experience. I began learning to dance after moving for my then spouse’s job. We moved half way across the country, to an area where I knew nobody. I figured dancing would be a good way to meet people (it was more like desperation). A few years later, divorced, working, and I was still dancing just for fun.

I eventually met someone while dancing. He didn’t compete and didn’t mind that I did. Fast forward a few more years, we married, still did a little bit of dancing, and then we moved. In between I went back to school and got my Bachelors degree. I ended up taking about a decade off of dancing. Now we are in a new state, settled in, I’m still in school but should finish in 2017 (this time my Masters degree), and I’m contemplating getting back into dancing and competing.

You’ll find this site goes through some changes. The entire site sometimes gets redesigned just because. I add new information as I gain more and current knowledge. I add what I can, when I can.

And I still love to dance.

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