Life in the times of COVID

If you haven’t yet heard of COVID-19 aka coronavirus, I’m not sure if you’re lucky or not. Right now this virus (yup, that seems to be what it is) is taking over much of the world, and along with it, much of life as we knew it.

Here in the USA the PSA (public service announcements) have asked for keeping our distance from each other, like 6 feet apart. Here where I live, Austin, TX, you can get delivered food, or drive thru, but you can’t go into a restaurant and sit down and eat. Grocery stores are out of some supplies, people have been hording some items. And some schools, many actually have been closed for at least the next couple of weeks.

But life will go on.

If you still believe in dance, take a moment and think about other dancers, and yourself. Maybe you can check in on them, even if its online and not in person. Continue working on your dance. You can always practice your basics at home, or your routine if you have one. If you’re unsure, see if your instructor can or is willing to do an online class. Get back to you basics, maintain your exercises. When this is all over, hopefully you can get back to your dancing, competitions, or social dances.

So think about your future self. What do you want for that person?

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