Time out

Unfortunately, it looks like I may have to take a break from dancing for a while. Due to DH medical issues we may be moving. It won’t be a big move, but it will be a move all the same. We’ll stay in the same town, but move closer into town, not live so far out. That means I have to begin looking for a house, clean out this place, pack stuff, get rid of stuff, etc. I won’t have the same amount of time I usually have in order to keep up with my dance lessons. So for a while I may not be competing. Hopefully all this change won’t take too long and I’ll be able to get back to dancing.

I will continue trying to post stuff, and maybe re-post stuff that got lost in the last crash. But I don’t expect to do as much dancing, not lessons and not competitions, until all this is finished.

So bear with me as I make these new changes in my life.

Wish me well.


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